LPC-Bound EPA and DHA

Enabling a new era of innovation in brain and eye health

Essential fatty acids like EPA and DHA have proven to be important for healthy functioning of the eye and the brain. Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that EPA/DHA are transported into the brain and eye in a specific form - lysophosphatidylcholine, or LPC. LPC-bound EPA/DHA has not been made widely available, until now. LYSOVETA™ by Aker BioMarine unlocks new opportunities to further explore the potential of targeted delivery of EPA/DHA into the eye and brain.

The current challenge

Targeted delivery of EPA/DHA into specific organs

The brain and eyes are protected by the blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers. These barriers are selective and have tight control over which compounds are allowed to cross. Recent studies have established that transport of EPA/DHA into the brain and eyes occur when a specififc transporter protein called MFSD2A receives these fatty acids in the form of LPC-EPA/DHA.

Entering a new era

LYSOVETA™ – effective transport of EPA/DHA into targeted organs

Unique products require unique raw materials. Through years of research and development, Aker BioMarine has now established a process for production of LPC-bound EPA/DHA from krill. We are committed to developing the field of LPC and seek collaborations and scientific partnerships to increase knowledge and explore the opportunities LPC-EPA/DHA brings.

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Unlocking exciting opportunities

DHA and EPA play essential roles throughout the human lifespan by regulating inflammatory processes and supporting functioning of cells and organs, such as the brain and eyes. Efficient delivery of DHA and EPA to these tissues is therefore of central importance and may have important implications for health and disease. We are seeking to support relevant research and innovation initiatives within three main LPC-DHA/EPA application areas.

Brain health.

The brain is a highly lipid-rich organ, and DHA and EPA play a critical role in the development and maintenance of a healthy brain structure and function. Due to their role in neuroinflammation, cell signaling and brain structure, DHA and EPA have been implicated in a range of neurological disorders.  

DHA and EPA are transported across the blood-brain barrier in LPC-DHA/EPA form, and research results suggest that LPC-bound DHA/EPAA are critical for brain and cognitive health. This makes LYSOVETA an ideal source of DHA and EPA for pre-clinical work on the role of these fatty acids in brain and behavior.

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Eye health.

Transport of DHA and EPA to the eye, occurs via the same mechanism as to the brain, in the form of LPC.

EPA/DHA is essential for normal retina development and prevents degeneration that can result in reduced vision. LYSOVETA™ is therefore an ideal source of EPA and DHA for pre-clinical work on the role of these fatty acids in eye health.

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Lifespan development.

The human brain undergoes widespread structural and functional changes across the entire lifespan, and a fundamental goal of future research should be to better understand the nature and cognitive consequences of such age-related changes.

The most pronounced structural and cognitive changes occur in the early years and late in life, and research suggest that targeted delivery of essential fatty acids maybe of particular importance in periods of accelerated alterations in brain structure. Further research on the role of LPC-EPA/DHA from a lifespan perspective could therefore provide benefits both to individuals and to society as a whole.

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We are leading the way in LPC


Science driven innovation

Aker BioMarine is a vertically integrated biotech innovator. Our innovation and research programs are focused on developing and commercializing krill derived products in a wide array of applications from human to animal.

Our strategy is to be at the forefront within research, product, process and technology development in the krill and marine phospholipid space. Years of research and development within the krill industry has resulted in a wide IP portfolio in the marine phospholipid space with more than 110 patent rights claiming protection for krill-derived products, production methods and uses of such products. A substantial part of the IP portfolio includes LPC products.


Production process

Through our uniquely suitable raw material we have developed a process for production of LPC-EPA/DHA, from krill.

The patent protected process has proven scalability, and Aker BioMarine is now investing in a development laboratory and large scale production capacity at the Houston manufacturing plant.


Sustainable source

Sustainability is at the core of new product development in Aker BioMarine. Our purpose is to to improve human health without compromising the health of the ecosystems in which we operate.

Krill are sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of Antarctica. Aker BioMarine is a pioneer in sustainable harvesting and the krill fisheries are the only 'A rated' reduction fishery by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP). Aker BioMarine's products, including LYSOVETA™, also hold a number of other sustainability certifications and standards such as Marine Stewardship Council certified sustainable, Friends of the Sea and Non-GMO.

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Transport of EPA/DHA into vital organs

Get access to our descriptive illustration showing how the transport of EPA/DHA across cell membranes is conducted, with a reference list to relevant research articles.

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Great things are achieved through collaboration

Biotech inventions and new science have a potential to seed many different applications, that can only be realized through further utilization and exploration.

Aker BioMarine, by establishing the production process for LYSOVETA™, has now made it possible to further investigate how the understanding of transport of DHA/EPA can benefit human health.

Moving beyond using LYSOVETA™ for our own research, we are now engaging in collaborations to further explore implied opportunities in this field and its applications.

May 26.2021
Aker BioMarine appoints Douglas C. Hicks as Senior Vice President, Business development & strategy. Mr.Hicks will lead Lysoveta's entry into the pharmaceutical segment.

Lysoveta as the official learning partner for the Champions Chess Tour - long term collaboration with Play Magnus Group to build awareness of brain health for top brain athletes

Jan. 11.2021
Aker BioMarine and Dr. Michael Davidson enters pharmaceutical collaboration for development of treatment towards brain and eye diseases.

Jan. 06.2021
University of Illinois Chicago has granted Aker BioMarine an exclusive licence to all their relevant IP for the technology, and collaboration agreement to explore the therapeutic uses of the technology for eye and brain health.

We are dedicated to developing further insights and unlocking the potential for LPC in improving human health, and we seek to expand our network of partners and collaborators to join us in the exploration of this space.

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